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Top Products

  • Ring of Fire
  • Hazelnut Dream

Recommended Products

  • Ahab's Revenge
  • Dark Chocolate covered Java Beans (seasonal September - April)
  1. Dean's Bean Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Cold Brew Coffee

Hazelnut Dream - Medium Roast

$15.00lb Regular, $15.00lb Decaf

Creamy combination of mellow Central American beans with rich all-natural hazelnut essence, topped with a splash of vanilla.

Choose Ground or Whole Bean, as well as Regular or Decaf below.

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French Vanilla Kiss Medium Roast


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Dark Chocolate covered Java Beans


Come spoil yourself with a Vienna-roasted Peruvian coffee bean, surrounded by organic dark chocolate.

NOTE: This product is seasonal and is only available September - April.

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Ring of Fire - Dark Roast


A dark, smokin' blend of high-mountain beans from the active volcanic soils of Indonesia, Timor, and Papua-New Guinea.

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Peruvian French Roast Decaf - Dark Roast

Rich, Toasted nut like aroma, Warm, Full-Bodied, Clean Finish.


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Ahab's Revenge - Dark Roast


A powerful, yet sweet and smooth, blend of Robusta and Timor arabica beans. Contains a high caffiene content.

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LMTC variety packLake Missoula Tea Company

We are not doctors. While natural products may have health benefits, none of our products are intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Seek professional medical advice from a physician.

Green Tea

  • Sakura Cherry - This brew is a dark red. Japanese green tea infused with cherry blossoms, dried cherries, rose petals, and hibiscus. Delicious with the right amount of a hibiscus pucker and tart. 40g - $8.00

Black Tea

  • Bodo Black Assam Elephant Friendly™ - Smooth Indian black. Molasses sweet with citrus and raisin undertones. 40g - $8.00
  • Earl grey Blue - Indian black tea, blue corn flowers, vanilla and bergamot.


  • Gin & Cream - Dry front flavor and ending on a creamy note, this blend is great hot or iced. South African rooibos, juniper berries, lavender, marigold flowers, cardamom, and vanilla, organic and caffeine free. 60g - $8.00


  • Joint Peace Arthritis Blend - Designed to help with achy joints. This is a potent botanical blend with ingredients that help with inflammation and pain. South African honey bush, white willow bark, devil’s claw, slippery elm, nettles, ginger, turmeric, gogi berries, cinnamon, and elderberry. Organic and caffeine free.

Gin & Cream

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Bodo Black Assam

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3 Variety Pack

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Sakura Cherry

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Cold Brew Coffee