"the curve ball in the coffee business"

About Mean Bean Artisan Coffee

As a family owned and operated company, we've been asked, "Give us Mean Bean in one sentence." That's easy! Our company focuses on sourcing the best coffee possible, while maintaining a fair trade practice. That's our starting point: fairness. A fair deal for growers and farmers, and a fair deal for the coffee drinkers of the world.

What's our "Why?"

Most coffee companies view us as a fly-by-night micro roaster and coffee retailer, when in fact they are completely wrong. We're ready to throw a curve ball into the coffee business. We could go all day knocking the competitors and give you reasons to become a lifetime customer with us, but we'll save that for your taste buds.

We have found over the years that a lot of coffee brands have similar characteristics, and there isn't a "yum" factor. We don't need cream and sugar in our coffee. Coffee should be enjoyed in its natural state, like tea. Typically, cream and sugar is used to mask an unpleasant taste or character. We believe the best cup doesn't need a mask. We will always source only the best coffee beans from our vendors and growers in the most ideal locations around the globe. We want to make sure that everyone is being treated fairly in the process, which means no mega-corp penny wages for farmers, and no intentionally over-roasted beans to manipulate the taste.

We are passionate coffee connoisseurs, and finding exquisite coffee is like finding your favorite craft beer or wine. Anyone interested in learning more about our mission and process is invited to reach out to us.